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Dog Boarding

$75 a day

Specializing in your anxious, snappy, dog sensitive and special needs dogs!
Last minute boarding needs along with
puppy care!

Going away? Bring your dog to a home where they can enjoy their vacation playing with other dogs and enrichment throughout the day!
Fun Play Time in Large Backyard!
Family Time Inside with Plenty of Snuggles and Loves
Enrichment through play, micro training sessions, toys, wading pools,

tunnels and more!

Lots of photo updates throughout their stay!

Care is streamlined to your dog’s individual needs 🙂

Nail Trimming
and Filed with Grinder


*I’ll only do what your dog is comfortable with using positive reinforcement.

Bath and Brush

Small Dog $35 (25 pounds and under ~ short hair)
Big Dog $55 (26 pounds and up ~ short hair)
Small Dog $55 (25 pounds and under ~ long hair)
Big Dog $75 (26 pounds and up ~ long hair)

Learn a Trick!


Pick A Trick for Your Dog to Learn While Staying with Us
*This option for dogs staying 2 or more days
Touch hand
Rest Chin on hand/floor
Shake with Paw
Teeter Totter
Dog Walk
Jump Over Jump
Roll Over
Figure 8 between legs
Middle – Sit between legs
Sit and Down
Hand Signal for Sit or Down

Best Way to Wear a Dog Out is to Engage their Brains!

Make Them Think and Problem Solve!

Australian Shepherd – Full Groom

$40 an hour

Depending on size and coat condition average Aussie takes 2 hours to groom
Bath with High Quality Shampoo and Conditioner

Full Rake Comb Out approximately 3 times – usually much more
(before, during and after the bath)

Ear cleaning

Blow out of coat with professional dog hair dryer

Trim hair on paws, around ears, sanitary areas and any other areas that need cleaned up

Cut and File Nails – Optional

Recommended in the Spring and Fall after your Aussie blows their coat