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3 Week Board and Train

E-Collar Training Included

$ 2500

Includes 2 hour session, upon pick-up, to instruct owner. Along with an additional two 60 minute follow-up private sessions to be used within
3 months of program completion.
Your dog will learn Attention/Focus, Loose Leash Walking, Place, Leave It, Come when called, Sit, Down, Wait/Stay, Impulse Control along with any behavior concerns

Includes Outings to Dog Friendly Places to further proof you dog among distractions.

Includes Mini Educator E-collar with upgraded

contact points that best suit your dog and bungee collar.

*Note: Dogs with severe anxiety, aggression, fear, etc may need an extra week or two of training. Each additional week is $700

5 Week ~ Basic Obedience
Dog Training Private Sessions


(1st session $150, each additional $100 per session)
Work at your dog’s pace while learning
the foundations for a well behaved dog!
Dog will learn Attention, Walking, Mat/Place, Leave It,
Come, and Wait
in this 5 week dog training course!
Dog trainer uses balanced training methods.
Mostly positive reinforcement methods are used along with an occasional leash correction and spatial pressure as needed once the dog understands the concepts.

Weekend Dog Board and Trains!


9am drop-off/4pm next day pickup
with 30 to 60 minute private lesson upon pickup

Bring your dog to me for the weekend (Or any two days during the week) and let me do the work of training them!
Your dog will learn Attention, Walking, Place, Leave It, Come, Wait along with any behavior concerns!

I’ll spend 60 minutes with you during pick-up to go over what your pup has learned
so you can reinforce the new behaviors during the week.

I highly recommend bringing your dog for 5 weekends to instill the behaviors or follow up with private sessions.
However, the weekend board and train is designed for you to be able to
bring your dog as little or often as you can afford.
Dog training can be a daunting task; let me take the stress off you and do the hard part!

This is also a great option for dogs with anxiety, aggression and other major behavioral concerns that need evaluated. Bring your dog for a couple days, I’ll assess them and set up a long term plan with you for your dog to succeed!

Private Dog Training Sessions

$150 for initial session
Each additional session discounted to $100

Per Session (approximately one hour)
One on one dog training individualized to your dogs needs!

Work at your dog’s pace with your dogs particular behavioral concerns!

Proper Introductions

$150 for initial session
Each additional session discounted to $100

Per Session (approximately one hour)
Does your dog know how to appropriately greet another dog?
Do they get overly excited when trying to greet a dog?
Then this session is for you!

Using the trainer’s dogs, you and your dog will learn how to walk up to and greet another dog on command and, more importantly, how to stay calm and return to your side when the greeting has occurred!

Dog trainer will also go over dog body language and some ways your dog may be trying to communicate to you!

  • Friendly Dogs Only! Not for Extremely Reactive Dogs

Leash Walking w. a Prong

$150 for initial session
Each additional session discounted to $100

Per Session (approximately one hour)
Does your dog yank your arm off while walking?! Pulling, barking, and lunging can often be easily resolved with the proper use of a prong collar!

In this session dog trainer will assess if your dog is a good candidate for a prong collar, show you how to properly fit and use one on your dog.

One session may be enough if your dog has had basic obedience dog training.

Otherwise, 3 or more sessions are recommended.

*New* Confidence Building
with Obstacles!

$150 for initial session
Each additional session discounted to $100

Per Session (approximately one hour)
Is your dog insecure and anxious in new settings and around other dogs?!

In this session your dog will learn to overcome challenging obstacles which will build your dogs confidence and have fun too!

Due to safety reasons trainer will be handling your dog in this course. You are encouraged to stay and watch/learn about how these exercises help your dog.